Cutest Girl Ever...

More adorable kid pics here.

New Blog

On the Block... Check out Louie's Work!

I'm currently finishing up tons of freelance work on all of these sites:

::Shop Fervor (Redesign & update)
::Shop Housewear (Updates)
:: Amy Zane (catalog)

Word Word.



One of my favorite things to do on my morning commute on the El is look around at peoples bags/purses for buttons, badges or whatever. I love reading all the little sayings on them... this morning it was "THINK MORE" - then I daydream about that person, and make up little stories about what they are like. What music do they listen to? Where are they going? What is their day job? I think this blog needs more of my random thoughts... goody for you!

This weekend in Michigan was super fun. We did a lot of partying and some relaxing. The weather was great, no rain and 75 degrees.

Some shots of my parents house, inside & out. I love their house, great style and super fun things outside, like the super old snowmobiles!

My new bags from etsy!

A table that I really want.. they weren't open... dammit.

More shots here.

PS Vorrel starts his new job at Agency.com today, good luck babe!


Mmm K

Vorrel & I are leaving for Michigan right after work today, pretty excited for a break from my computer screen and the city.

As I said earlier I've been working on a e-commerce site, here is a peak at the design.

Surfin around today found some really cool things:

:: Digitally Designed Fabrics

:: AMAZING metal jewelry by Marianne

:: Indie Craft Show Directory

:: Pop Life Magazine

:: Adorable matchstick garden - I want one!

:: I have Truche stuff at Copacetique - they are closing up shop. They were my favorite online shop to deal with. Janice the owner got a job with Fred Flare (another adorable site) - Congratulations Janice, and thank you for being so great top work with!

Have a great weekend everyone, i'll be back on Monday with photos.


Spring Spring!

Happy Official Spring everyone!

Spring is one of my favorite times of year (after fall of course).

Some ish:

:: Finishing up a large wholesale order, should be ready to send out tomorrow.

:: Creating new jewelry to send to Wolfbait in Logan Square.

:: Working on a large shopping cart website with Zencart - amyzane.com

:: Playing with my new MacBookPro

:: Ordered moo cards for Truche

:: Enjoying the sound of thunderstorms and hard rain outside

:: Drinking a coffee frappuccino

:: Had my yearly review today at work, and got a nice raise!

:: Looking forward to going home to Michigan this weekend with Vorrel

:: In the process of taking all of my cd's and importing them to mp3's (It's taking me forever!)

Thank you everyone for your kind words on my haircut! xoxo


Self Portrait Tuesday

Missy & I decided to do Self Portrait Tuesday today.

My new haircut.

Thanks Missy for the idea! Join us anyone? Happy Tuesday.


St Patty's Day...

I had a really fun weekend with everyone. Thanks to everyone who partied hard with me!

Friday:: Drinking at an Irish pub with the crew.

Saturday:: Suited & Booted (hehe) with lots of whiskey and beer for the St. Patty's Day Parade. Went to Blue Bayou Pub and hung out the rest of the day.

Sunday:: Cut all my hair off in the afternoon. Then more drinking at Pint, the stoop & a wonderful dinner at Las Palmas. I killed my body this weekend, I need to detox. Was so fun though!! Here are some weekend shots.

More here. Louies Pics here.

Other things:: Awesome Radio, You Grow Girl, Map the states you visited (mine here), this shot, this shot, this shot, and this shot.

Happy Monday everyone, YAWN.








My Dad, Done by my Mom. :)

Make your own here.


Has anyone else had a long, hectic week? It seemed to go on forever, I'm so glad that the weekend is almost here. It can't come fast enough.

Good things:
:: St. Patty's Day In Chicago This Weekend
:: Vorrel's Sister & friends will be here this weekend
:: My Mac Book Pro arrived last night, so fun!
:: Spring is on it's way
:: It's FRIDAY baby
:: Looking forward to going to Michigan next weekend
:: Drinking all weekend long, I'm in need

Good things to look at:
:: Amour online magazine
:: UBS Cell batteries - I want some
:: Tokyomade
:: Pixel Pieces - very cute bedding
:: I want these chairs

Good flickr finds:

:: Mushroom
:: Fine Day
:: Cowboys
:: Orange & Black
:: Sachie


The horrible electronic song...

So I had an MRI scan today. I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, however not a fun thing to do.

As most of you know, I had bone cancer when I was 15, Chondrosarcoma to be exact. They removed my 3rd, 4th and 5th ribs on my right side. The cancer is gone for now, but I have regular x-rays now and then. So the MRI was partly to check the status of the cancer but also because my thighs have been numb for over a year now - one morning I woke up and they were numb, the numbness gets worse and better at times, but its always somewhat numb. So I finally got off my ass and went to the doctor.

The MRI was so freaking loud, I had earplugs in and it still hurt my ears. Sounded like a bad electronic song, I started to make up words in my head to pass the time. I was in the tube for over 45 minutes. The radiologist guy was so cool, he was talking me through it through the speakers in the MRI. Phewww so glad it's over. They didn't find anything wrong with my spine, or anything else which is good news. Now I need to see a neurologist to have them find out what the hell is wrong with my legs!

Here is a view from the doctors office of Lake Michigan. Happy Thursday everyone.



I did it... I bought it!

I am so excited, should be here in a few days!


Monday Monday...

I've been working a lot on jewelry lately. Although it was hard because it was 63 degrees here today, so wonderful!

I have a big wholesale order I am trying to finish, as well as some consignment stuff. And of course a pic of the Moe. Enjoy.

I'll prob do another shop update tomorrow - feelin' kinda dizzy right now. More pics here.


Recap This Weekend

Saturday:: Drank my 1st beer of the spring on the stoop! Ran a few errands. Went to a party for a friend -- she has an amazing house, so old with SO much character, a very cool roof too - photos here. Dancing until the wee hours of the morning last night.

Sunday:: Slept in way too much, hungover - bad headache that I just got rid of. Did get some shopping in though.

::New Artwork

:: New lights for my work area.

::Some new jewelry I made

And me.

Have a good week everyone.


Humpity Hump Hump Hump

Another chilly day, looking forward to 50 degrees this weekend!

:: Drinking some wine.

:: Working on a large wholesale order for Truche - photos of that to come soon. I also just sent Shop Calico some jewelry as well, should be up on their site soon.

:: Made some jewelry tonight for the shop. Check it out.



Don't have much to say this weekend, getting over being sick again. Below is a funny moment when Elmo chased Koby into the bathroom, and Koby found safe places in the bathroom sink. :)

Happy Sunday everyone.