More new stuff, hooray!

New items added to the etsy shop!

I've been experimenting on different backgrounds, etc for my photos. I think these turned out pretty well for a not so nice digital camera. I'm still waiting on my SLR camera, one day... What do you think?

Visit the shop for more items!


New from Truche

I added some new vintage glass earrings to my etsy store. Will be adding more in the next few days. Need to find time to take photos of all of them.


Somethings Hiding in There

I've followed Somethings Hiding in There for a while now. Their home is so inspiring. They have a wonderful sense of style. Recently they built some book shelves. I love the colors they chose.

Home sick from work today. Trying to rest up so this thing doesn't turn ugly.


Hooray it's saved!

Polaroid is saved! More here.


{Stripes and Plaid} Friday

For color week. Thanks for organizing Leya. I had a lot of fun taking photos.


{Pink} Thursday

I thought pink would also be a hard color for me because it's really not my favorite. Then I remembered my watering can.

Pink Elephants on parade, here they come. Makes me want to watch Dumbo. Probably my favorite Disney movie.


{Yellow} Wednesday

Yellow and I have a love, hate relationship. I go through phases where I love it and hate it. Today I really dig yellow. Makes me long for spring.

Its been between 0-10 degrees for so many days. Wind chills in the negatives. Tomorrows high is -2 degrees. It's the kind of cold that takes your breath away. Long johns and hot drinks help some, but I'm not sure that I can do another Chicago winter. Oh Chicago, I love and hate you too.


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

You aren't such a baby anymore, geesh! Happy Birthday Sophia. I love and miss you and wish I could be there to play animals with you!

Sending a barking spider your way!

Purple Tuesday

For Color Week. Purple was a hard one for me.



Blue Monday

Hooray for another color challenge! Leya at Curious Bird coordinated it. I dig color week! Today is blue. It was quite a blue Monday, that's for sure.

Tomorrow is Purple. Nite peeps.

I LOVE ruffles.

1. MadeByHank, 2. Kate Towers, 3. rose la biche, 4. dinosaurtoes, 5. Little Houses, 6. misfitchic, 7. desirapesta, 8. sarahseven

I LOVE and need it all.


Mood Board for Today

1. Winter Walk, 2. Hiking outfit, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled, 5. It's never too late to have a happy childhood...., 6. beauty, 7. just a few hours..., 8. morning window, 9. beach stormy view


It's about bloody time!

This is the 3rd time the couch has been reupholstered, and I think it turned out great.

Elmo thinks so too.

mmm comfy.


The World of Paumes

These are probably my favorite books in the entire world.

Oh how I wish I could visit these spaces.