New Work

Getting ready for the craft fair season....

Excuse the blurry photos..

I took my 1st yoga class yesterday. It was so much fun and I for sure plan on doing it weekly. I am a sore girl tonight though, I need some sleep. Gnite everyone. Have a wonderful Friday.

Wow it's been forever...

Sorry it has been so long! Been staying very very busy.


Truche will be at the following craft fairs this year:

::September 15th - 16th - Renegade Chicago
::September 22nd - StrangeFolk in St. Louis
::October 27th - Indiana Craft Exhange
::November 17th - DIY Trunk Show - Chicago
:: Edited - October 13th - Handmade Market - Elbo Room, Chicago

I was featured on Indie Entrepreneur - click here to read the interview.


I am looking into moving back to Kalamazoo, Michigan to open a store. I'm currently looking into buying a building with a store front downtown. More news on that soon.

Last week I saw Gift of Gab & Soulive. Both amazing shows.

I'm always updating on Flickr, so check me out there. Word?


My baby!

So Elmo's ear is messed up again! A couple of years ago he had a blood clot in his ear and had surgery. A few days ago it started to flare up again and I took him to the vet. Had to listen to him scream in the back for 15 minutes while they cleaned out his little ears. It looks awful, and today it was oozing things. So I had no choice but to put a cone on him because he wouldn't leave his ear alone.

My poor baby!