I do love

Illinois too. I have lots of Chicago love. Lots of midwest love in fact.

Added to Truche Etsy this evening.

I am really enjoying this rainy weather today. Makes me want to be productive. Happy Sunday all.


Up Up and Away

This photo makes me so happy. I wish I was in one of those little balloons flying off to someplace lovely.

Photo by yyellowbird


The love of my life

Yesterday I had to put the love of my life to rest. He was somewhere around 15 years old.

My Dearest Elmo Bear,

Thank you for bringing me so much joy for so many years of my life. You were my world. I miss you so very much. I will miss your loud purr every time I walked in the door. I will miss you screaming at me every morning to wake up and feed you. I will miss lifting up the covers for you to crawl under and curl up next to me. I will miss your head butts on my forehead. Your bad breath, your stinky farts, your adorable scrappy ear. I will miss you being at the door every single time I came home. You were one of a kind. You made people who hated cats, love cats. You changed so many peoples minds.

You will forever be in my heart. I love you so much my Moe.