Having Fall Color Withdrawal's...

I'm taking off this weekend and heading home to Michigan to enjoy apple pickin, pumpkins, the beautiful colors of the trees and of course a haunted house or two! :) I'm very excited to get out of the city and breath for a while. Feel like all I smell is sewer and diesel fuel sometimes. I hope everyone enjoys this last weekend in September. I cannot believe its October already. It's exciting and scary, I love October probably more than any other month of the year. But knowing a cold Chicago winter is around the corner, is frightening!

These are some shots of a trip to Michigan a few years ago.


Halloween Decorations!

I had a blast the other night dragging out all of my halloween decorations. Here is what I came up with!

More photos here.


Ginormous shop update!

A huge shout out

I just realized that I am an ass! I wanted to thank a few other people for all of their help with the renegade craft fair and life in general!

1st - my father, dad - thank you for helping me unload and for driving all the way up here to always lend a hand. Not just this time, but everytime I ask, you are there to help. Thank you so much, I love you!

2nd - Vorrel thank you for helping me through these past few months, helping me keep my head straight and helping out whenever I asked you to. The t-shirt designs were amazing, thank you so much for your time and wonderful designs. I love you!

3rd - Mr. Louie Russo, thank you SO much for the wonderful metal work you did for my show! I love everything you made and wanted to let everyone see what you made for me. Also on a side note - thank you again for my awesome kitchen table, I LOVE it!

Baby Hangers for my jewelry!

Art Print Holder.

Awesome table that matches my kitchen perfect!


Ahhh Fall Mornings...

I woke up this morning, with my window open and saw this.

More photos here.

Also just designed this header for my sister in law - Missy.

Click image to see larger version.

The Renegade!

I had a blast at the renegade this past weekend. It went really well, alot better than I expected in fact!

I got to meet quite a few crafters in person. It's so weird sometimes to think I talk to many people online and become friends with them over the internet. Crazy! Meeting them in person was very cool. Speaking of internet friends I got to meet Jen from Piddleloop finally! I bought an adorable sad whale pouch from her. Photos to come of all my goodies I bought this weekend.

The booth setup went really smoothly! I was next door to Ashley G & Drew, who are so cute! I'm so glad I got to see their work up close, but so pissed because I didn't get a chance to run over there to buy one!

Thank you so much Mom for helping me, you mean the world to me - your love and support is endless and I am so thankful!

Chrissy, thank you so much for giving up your weekend to help me in my booth. I am so glad you were there, thank you for always making me laugh & putting up with my bitchiness!

More shots here.


Sneak Preview...

And of course Elmo hanging out with me while I work.

Last Saturday...

Went to a friends party in Roger's Park, what an adorable apartment!

More shots here.


Renegade Craft Fair - THIS WEEKEND!

Saturday & Sunday from 11-6 - Right in Wicker park - off Damen Ave & Schiller. My booth is in the middle of the 1st room as you walk in from the Damen side.

I will be posting a sneak preview of my booth & inventory tonight. I hope if you are in the Chicago area you can come out and see me!

Wednesday Spam

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Mammys look changed to faint worry as she felt Scarletts handsand looked into her face.
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Where Did my Brain GO?!

I've been feeling so out of it lately. Realized I haven't written to you in a long time seems like. I'm super de duper busy getting ready for the renegade this coming weekend. Can you believe its September already?

Anywho, a few updates. Last Thursday I went to Jazz Fest to see the Charlie Hunter Trio, they are the straight shit and never fail to blow me away.

Went on a trip to Louisville for work this week. A shot from the plane coming home.

Right now the around the coyote festival is going on underneath my living room window. There is a huge stage set up right under me. Some of the music is good, some so so bad. I'm sure I will have to leave my apartment this weekend to take a break from the loud music.

I have a lot lot lot to get done this weekend for the craft fair this weekend, so i'll be busy doing that. Have a bunch of freelance design work also to catch up on. Hopefully I can fit in drinking some pumpkin beer, relaxing on the stoop.

A few cool things I've found while surfing this week.

GentleFawn's New Fall Line

Mary Ink's Shop - I got this t-shirt that I am so excited about!

My sister and fam came to visit me while on their way to Memphis, here are a few shots! Sophia is the cutest thing EVER.

My roomate finally moved out, CELEBRATE! I am making her room into a craft/sewing/dark room. I am so excited. Here is a messy shot of the room before I started re-doing it.

More shots when its complete to come...