Yey for robots!

I just bought these for my new apartment, they crack me up ---

Blik Graphics


Digital Piece

Did this a while back, thought I would share it. The photo of the carousel was taken in Alabama a long time ago.

Dream of Stars

Browsing around the web and found Dream of Stars -- love love love her work. She makes me want to jump into Illustator and work!


Sooo tired...

I moved this weekend. Started Friday at 6pm and ended last night at midnight!! And that is just the moving part, not the unpacking. I love my new apartment though and once I get settled in, it will be wonderful. I took a bunch of pics and will post them once I get my internet hooked up at home. I have a larger space to sew and make crafts, I can't wait!


Bring your pet to blog day...

Here is another pic of THE Elmo ---



Question Two...

On the show Saved by the Bell --- In the palm spring weekend episode, zack orders a pop, kelly accidently said something embarrassing, what was it?

Bring your movie/tv trivia to blog day!

My brother and I decided to make Thursday "Bring your movie/tv trivia to blog day..."

Here are my 1st 2 questions....

What was the name of Punky Brewster's dog?

On Punky Brewster, how was she abandoned by her mother?


I heart Pashupatina's Jewlery

Browsing around and found pashupatina - love love it.


Self portrait Tuesday

It's kinda weird publishing a picture of yourself...


Saying goodbye to my apartment...

I will be moving in the next few days. Kinda sad and exciting all at once. I love my apartment though... here are some photos and links to full image pages...


living room...




Bring Your Pet to Blog Day

Here is THE Elmo. My fat and adorable cat...


Another Swap, woohoo!

Here's another swap I signed up for.... how cool - spreading the music around. I can't wait to send people some funk cd's -- everyone needs more funk in their diet, wouldn't you agree? Plus I get to have 10 new cd's from all around the world. Hooray for getting mail and new music!


Sisters Wedding Invite

Still working on the designs, but this is what i've come up with so far for my sister's wedding invites...

My wish list......

I was browsing uncommon goods today... and thought I'd post a few things that I love... I love the penguin lamp!


My 1st swap

I'm addicted to looking at other people's crafty blogs. There is alot of people involved in swaps, where they swap anything from art to crafts to bags etc. Well it's time for my 1st one!

I can't wait to put my vintage package together!


Earrings & Headpiece to match

Made some earrings and a headpiece for her vail to match last night.


Necklace for my sister's wedding!

Finished this necklace last night. Her wedding is October 1st, and the theme is fall colors.

My new online store!

Last night I finally got around to putting up 3 pieces of my jewlery on etsy. Check them out here.

My handmade accesories and art will be called tru~cheĀ“. I'll be putting more items up soon.


Cool Idea....

Really like this idea that tania had.


Renting Movies from a Vending Machine?