Pretty Fall

It's getting colder. My favorite month of October is almost over. Enjoying the last pretty days in Chicago.


My Halloween Apartment

It's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with the turn out so far.

1. Spiders on my windows, 2. Out my window, 3. on my wall, 4. window, 5. Entry light, 6. Rat, 7. Baby Dolls, 8. Halloween Mantle, 9. Halloween Mantle, 10. Rat, 11. My Mantle, 12. one wall, 13. Close up of light, 14. Deer, 15. Entryway, 16. My deer has a costume


I am so ready for Halloween!

How about you?

1. 365: Day 17 - Happy Halloween from your local laundry., 2. Monday: 10.20.2008, 3. Halloween Decor, 4. cemetery walk, 5. sir creeps a lot , 6. Halloween Home decor 2007 by Jeremiah Christopher, 7. Neighborhood Halloween Decor, 8. Halloween, 9. Happy Halloween!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Even more than my Birthday. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?



Portland Photographic Adventures- a group of cool chick's photos. Mmm sweet boots, photos and farmland.

These boots by Steve Madden. Too bad I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I heart them... damnit.

Flickr Favorites:

1. homeward through the haze, 2. fair trade, 3. a fanciful day ~, 4. 27//52

Truche update!

:: Truche was accepted into Renegade Holiday! This year's event will be held December 6 + 7 from 11am - 7pm at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. So plan on coming to Christmas shop, word?

:: You can now find Truche at Renegade Handmade here in Chicago!