Hot & Sticky Summer Days

I can't complain, even though it was 105 today, it was wonderful. There is NOTHING like Chicago in the summer, nothing.

Like I said before, I've been busy. Although there has been the occasional water balloon fight and crazy adventure on the stoop! My friends and I started another blog all about our stoop adventures. Check it out here.

Been doing some freelance for Fervor, and some others.

Elmo has been really sick lately. It was a huge stress last week, taking him to the vet, spending lots of money for them to tell me nothing. I've been nursing him back to health, and he's much better now. Man that scared me though!

Had to get out of my hot room and walk around and take a break. Took a couple weird night shots with my camera.

That's all for now, Happy Monday Friends.


Happy Birthday Emmers!!!

It's my nieces 2nd birthday today. I've enjoyed watching her grow up, she is one amazing little girl. I hope you have a great day!

Sorry about the lack of posting. Its been quite a crazy last few weeks. Vorrel's family were in town last weekend and I enjoyed hanging out with them and showing them around Chicago. I went to Buffalo for work the past few days and have been playing catch up on freelance work and orders. I apologize if you've placed a recent order, I promise I will get it out tonight!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Square Tuesday...

Circle Monday...

I'm late! Here are my photo's for Circle Monday...

This weekend..

My friend Chrissy came to town, and we all hung out on the roof.

Couldn't resist posting the funny pics...

More pics here


Shapes Week!

Joleen had a great idea, instead of color, shapes! Good call, can't wait to take some shape photos!

monday- circle
tuesday- square
wednesday- triangle
thursday- heart
friday- free choice

I hope you'll join us!


Technical Difficulties

I've spent 4 hours on trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my shop! Its working, not working, slow, working, not working. AHH and the help desk at startlogic are not helping! I hate them right now, grrr.

I'm sorry to anyone that tried visiting my shop and got frustrated and left! Hopefully I can hash this out tomorrow, I'm done looking at a computer screen.



in Illustator tonight, it's been a long time my friend - I've missed you. Forgot how fun it is to just play.


Shop Update!

Click the owl to visit Truche!

Coming to Truche Tonight...

And forever ago, Jen @ Piddleloop sent me this adorable loot! Thank you Jen, you are the best!

How cute!

A litter box for Elmo!



Just got accepted to the renegade craft fair in Chicago in September! My 1st one, can't wait!

Dont have the energy to upload the jewelry tonight, had to fill some orders and will do the shop update tomorrow.

Hanging with my homie

On my way home, I stayed at my parents for a few nights and got to hang out with Chrissy. She has such a cute house, and kitties!

Went to Bells Brewery in Kalamazoo. Drank Beer in the Bell's garden, sat under a tree and watched a thunderstorm go by.

More photos here.

Back from HOLLAR....

So I officially got back on Tuesday around noonish. Trying to catch up after being gone for 2 weeks is kinda rough!

Work was insane Wednesday and today, but man did it fly.

Did some cleaning, laundry, bills and now its time to update this ole bloggy blog. Going to take some photos of some jewelry pieces I've made the past couple weeks as well, and hopefully have the energy to upload them tonight and catch up on some freelance web updates.

Drank, Smoked and Laughed more than I ever have.

Here are some highlights from my trip to Dale Hollow, Tennessee.

The Cabin we stayed in. We are used to a hole in the wall small cabin. We were big time this week.

The amazing countryside and mountains.

Being idiots at the general store.

Hanging out.

Fireworks, drinking and playing games.

The passing of the duties.

The kids.

The falls.

Big Bone Lick State Park.

Koerner Ugly.

Koerner Klan you are my favorite people ever. I have never laughed so hard and have been so close to peeing my pants so many times in one week! Love you all!

TONS more photos here.