Happy Birthday Emmers!!!

It's my nieces 2nd birthday today. I've enjoyed watching her grow up, she is one amazing little girl. I hope you have a great day!

Sorry about the lack of posting. Its been quite a crazy last few weeks. Vorrel's family were in town last weekend and I enjoyed hanging out with them and showing them around Chicago. I went to Buffalo for work the past few days and have been playing catch up on freelance work and orders. I apologize if you've placed a recent order, I promise I will get it out tonight!

Happy Thursday everyone!


At 7/30/2006 11:05 PM, Blogger MARYBETH said...

Awwweeee.... She is Beautiful!

Happy Birthday-


My computer has gone bonkers and now i can even get to my photo host. It all started when I ran a new version of AOL as directed by an error message. It changed everything and now when i try to open Piccaso or Hello or Fliker I get this Message:
'this file is not a valid Microsoft office document image file."

The AOL tech last night said it must be something with microsoft.
I am at my wits end!
If you can shed any insight on this id be so grateful.
I can call you in the evening over the tele if that would be easier.
I am happy to see you back- I was getting a little concerned =)
You are a loving Aunt-an opportunity many young people miss.


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