Long Weekend is Over...

Went to Philly & New Jersey with JR for Memorial Day, had a lot of fun.

Philly is a wonderful, historical, dirty, energetic city. I love it.

And I got to hang out with some amazing kids all weekend.

In other news, I got a HUGE box of scrap glass in. I'm excited to start cutting!

A new shower curtain from Plush Living.

I'll leave you with the moe. Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone.



HUGE Update tonight! Its been way too long. ;)


New at Modishshoppe!

I'm BACK! I've decided to steer this blog more towards my jewelry and design and less towards my personal life. I've had a nice break, but I'm glad to be back in blogland.

In Truche news, some new products have been added to Modishoppe! This site is really well done and has tons of cute stuff!