This weekend:

:: Got up at 7am to go to the Three Floyds Brewery in Munster Indiana to taste one of the world's best beers - Dark Lords Stout. It was an all day event with some friends, BBQ and lots of beer tasting. The best part was the fact that we got dirty looks from all the beer connoisseurs for drinking Bud Light in a can while waiting for the doors to open to taste all of Three Floyds beers. The dark lord stout is only sold one day a year at the brewery. I was amazed at how many people showed up for this. All of the beers were really good, I'm glad I went.

:: Played a game of 16" softball in the pouring rain. Had a really good time filling in for one of the girl's that plays. We even won our game. Needless to say I'm so out of shape and was in pain all day today! :)

:: Got my 1st order of consignment from Copacetique. I'm very exited. Below are a few necklaces I made today for them.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.



Couldn't think of a better title. POOOOOOOT -- ok ok i'm done now.

Here are some site I think are worth checking out.

First a wonderful resource site. YouSendIt.com. You can send anyone with an email address large files up to 1GB. This is wonderful if you don't have FTP or you have an end user that isn't computer savvy.

Next viaduct furniture. I love the website design. Very cool pieces too.

Check out the work of L.Croskey

I love these collages.

A good design resource site is Die Gestalten.

They sell some amazing books.

I just got these beautiful spanish earrings from gemmafactrix in the mail today!

Check out her etsy shop!

Lastly here is the start of a business card I'm working on for my sister's new horse teaching and training business.


New jewelry!

Added to the shop tonight!

Update - turquoise donut cluster is sold.


My B-Day weekend

My friend Chrissy came into town this weekend to celebrate my bday.

It was a wonderful weekend. I had a ton of fun. Vorrel got me Saved By The Bell Seasons 3-4 on DVD! And this amazing basket of candy (I'm a freak about Candy) - he knew exactly what kind to get, i'll be set for a year! :)

We went downtown to Millennium Park.

Then had a BBQ Saturday night. I had a birthday piece of corn to blow out!

More shots here.

Had a great weekend, thank you everyone who celebrated with me.


Jamie Lidell

The wonderful Vorrel took me to the empty bottle last night to see Jamie Lidell.

It was a really interesting and different show. He has an awesome style. If I were to describe him, it would be electronic DJ mixed with Prince, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

That said check him out, you won't be sorry. He came onto the stage with shaving creme all over his face, still shaving with his razor. So weird, so great. I really wish that all of the crew could have come, I'm so sorry it was sold out. It would have been even better with you there!



Updated my online portfolio tonight. Check it.


I've been tagged by Amy!

Five minutes to yourself: how would you spend them, ideally?
Taking photos and/or blogging

Five bucks to spend right now; how would you spend it?
A bagel and cream cheese and a mocha

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn’t thought of already?
1. Probably around 15 pairs of shoes
2. Old magazines
3. A ton of backup cd's from school that I need to go through
4. A boatload of clothes I haven't worn in over a year
5. Some plates, bowls etc. that I have way too many of.

Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house?
1. computer :)
2. journals and binders
3. jewlery supplies
4. 1950's couch
5. plants

Five words you love?
1. shenanigans
2. design
3. imagine
4. spring
5. shit

Consider yourselves tagged if you want to be!


Whaaaaaaaat - Vintage Section!

Vintage items, updated today!

New items added!

New Earrings added tonight!


Someone Shit on the Coats...

Hahaha -- Last night some friend and I went to go see Dane Cook.

If you want to laugh, check out his site. It was really funny. I was amazed at how packed it was and how many people have heard of him here in Chicago alone.

My parents are coming for the weekend! I won't be posting until Monday. Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Easter!


Fabric Panels

Made these last night - just a wood frame with fabric wrapped around it.


This weekend and such...

On Friday at the last minute, I decided to go to Michigan to see my family. I missed out on Saturday colors. I'll have to do those some other time. I loved this weekly theme though, I had a lot of fun with it.

I got some awesome stuff on my thrift store hunt. Most are still in Michigan because I couldn't fit them on the train. My parents are coming this weekend and i'll take photos of everything then. I think i'm going to put most of it up for sale on my website. I also got more beads to make jewlery. So keep an eye out for new things to come!

I'll leave you with my to do list for this week:

- Finish Art for Life Logo today
- Create 8-10 new pieces of jewlery for truche.
- Spring Cleaning (get rid of some of my stuff!) and laundry
- Get prints made of my collages to sell.
- Take photos of all of my vintage items to sell and put them up in the shop.

Whew - that's just the start. Wish me luck!

Ohh one more thing - check out this cool photo set - Sad Chairs.
I love this idea so much!


Orange Friday


Thursday White, Brown & Black


Green Wednesday


Tuesday Blue & Turquoise

Note: Sky photo taken by Vorrel

Mixed Media Collages

Both 8x10 on cardboard.


Yellow Monday

Colors of the Week


Mixed Media Collage

8" x 10"


Japanese books!

My 1st purchase from Amazon Japan came recently. I just love every book.

1st is Ma Deco A Paris - (click photo for link to amazon)

2nd Stockholm Kitchens - Maybe some of you have seen this one already, I'm i love with both of these - so much color and so many good ideas!

Also this Japanese book - not sure what the title is. But here are some page exerts.

Also I got this popular sewing book.