Scary Roof Experience...

Last night a neighbor invited us up on her roof. She lives in a really old, tall building. The ladder we had to use to get up there was SCARY as hell! Rungs were missing, it was old and wobbly. I'm very much afraid of heights too, so that didn't help AT ALL. Once you get to the top rung of the ladder, you pop your head out and to the right is the side edge of the building. SHIZA. Anywho, once I got up and stopped shaking, it was an amazing view.

mmm pretty city..

Of course we had to take a shot like this, duh!

This photo was taken by Louie. Vorrel trying out the corona commercial.

In other news, I was featured on Apartment Therapy Chicago today!

Check it out here.


Movie In The Park

Went to Grant Park with some friends last night to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off! Although it was raining beforehand and we were soaked, it was still really fun!

Had a great time, thanks Dan & Hillary for inviting us to go!


Improv Everywhere

Seriously if you have a minute, check this site out.
So funny. I want to start this in Chicago!


10,000 Reason Civilization is Doomed...

Hilarious. Click here


Sticker Design

Miss Sabine Brandt invited fellow bloggers to create stickers for her graphic design firm Sisterbrandt.

Started playing around and this is what I came up with.

Her idea was to collect lots of different designs from around the world. Thanks Sabine for letting me design one for you! I can't wait to see the other designs.


I'm so behind...

Big photo post over at The Apartment Blog.

Again Happy Birthday to Louie! :)

Working on inventory still for the Renegade.

Some shots of Elmo laying with me while I work.

Some fun links for you.

Toyota is catering to the DIY development... Yaris. Pretty smart if you ask me.

The UnHappy Planet Index.

I know I am all over the place with this blog entry, sorry about that. That's how my mind has been feeling lately!

I've been really getting into these albums lately, check em out if you want to hear some new music:

Rewind 5.

Ani Difranco - Reprieve

Ani Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process


Weekend Events

Had a fun weekend. Saturday we went to a friends roof to watch Chicago's air and water show. Although it was cloudy, it was still really fun and great to see the Blue Angels fly.

From there to the Rock Bottom Brewery for some food and drinks.

Then to some crazy art shows in the Fulton Market Area. First off was the "Fox-Hole" - "Going Somewhere Fast" - artwork by BeeJay & Rustel. Hilarious, coffee pots hanging from the ceiling, all connected to each other, and TV's set up with van seats to watch some footage of the countryside taken while driving.

Next was the Mars Gallery. Work by Paul Moschell. Very cool stuff.

I had a great time, thanks to all who were there.

More shots here.


Yey for Prints! Shop Update!

Click the image to view the fabulous prints at tru~che!

Photo Booth Friday


Walkin N Working...

Been working my ass off for the Renegade. I made a ton of earrings and a money apron to hold my cash that day. Don't mind the sloppy sewing, I've realized that I really don't have the patience for sewing, I really enjoy it, but I always just wing it and it turns out sloppy, oh well....

I leave you with a photo of downtown Chicago, I took this on my walk to a meeting today. I love this city.


This weekend's events

Vorrel & I went to my cousin Alexa's wedding this weekend in Erie, PA. Had a lot of fun with the fam!

On the road playin' with my new Canon SD630, color swap and color accent tools.

At the wedding, dancin', singin' & drinkin'.

TONS More photos here


Paintin & Working...

Spent a few hours painting tonight.

Got some display trees in the mail. I love the look of these, they will be perfect for my display.

Yawn, I'm pretty sleepy. Have a good hump day everyone.

mmm mmm good...

So Ray and I decided to do a "spam of the week" post. Spam is super annoying, but if you sit down and take a minute to read them, they are really quite funny!

He got this email at work!

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November October


Getting Ready

I have alot to do before the Renegade. It's my 1st craft show, so this is all new to me. Tonight I bought my 10x10 tent and some displays and also started my banner.


mmm trees

So I'm trying to get started planning my 1st renegade craft fair. In the process of looking for ideas, I found this awesome metal tree. MMM me wanty...

And this amazing metal sculpture

this circle sculpture

One of these days i'll get up enough guts to get my tree tattoo.


New Fresh Necklaces!

Added to the shop tonight!