A peek into...

My inspiration books. Every time I get a new magazine, catalog, anything really - I go through it and add it to my inspiration binder. Whenever I'm not feeling very creative, I take a peek and instantly get ideas. Plus is saves room!

Happy New Year everyone!


New from Truche

Back to work! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I've added some new necklaces to my etsy store:

I can't believe it's almost 2009. Shiza.



::around the house::

Made out of office labels & dental floss. Saw the idea here.

More on flickr.

It's almost time for vacation. Looking forward to: Eggnog, sitting by the fireplace, card games, eating lots, playing with my niece, drinking wine, sleeping in, seeing friends, baking, being with family.

Peace Friends.


What What, In the Butt...

Sorry that youtube song is in my head. Ha.

Updated etsy this morning. What what.. OK I'll stop.

A glimpse.

Check it out here, ya heard?

Cuteable.com featured one of my necklaces today! What a nice thing to see in my inbox this morning.

What what....



Holy freaking cold batman. It's currently 6 degrees, with a windchill in the negatives. Winter in Chicago is a hard place to be. I do not like it, not one bit. I am looking forward to vacation in Michigan, where at least if it's cold - it's pretty at the same time.

I will be updating the shop throughout the day with new pieces. I am experimenting with adding color to my glass. I think they turned out well. I kinda dig the neon outside my window in some of these photos.

Visit my flickr for full update. Happy Monday friends.


Holiday Ish

Surfing around, I've seen quite a few adorable Holiday ideas. Ez at Creature Comforts finds some of the best ideas:

DIY Flower Garland, cute for Christmas or anytime!

Cute & Free gift tags at Delight.com [found via Creature Comforts]

Awesome doily wreath, love love, heart heart. [Via Martha Stewart]

And some photography that I fell in love with at The Unicorn Diaries.
'Your Personal Moon'

Anyone else found some cool Holiday ideas?

In Truche news, The Renegade Holiday sale went very well. Tons of people came to shop, Mucca Pazza played on Saturday, and overall it was a great show. Pics on flickr.

Stay warm peeps!



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