Consignment Order

Truche on it's way to Jolie Handmade.

What else have I been up to?
:: Finishing up my taxes
:: Doing some Bikram Yoga - loved it.
:: Taking care of Elmo (has been very sick)
:: Trying to get through the full time job

As I work, Elmo sleeps.


What's that you say?

Trudesign has a new look! It's not 100% complete, I still need to add my personal work, but I'm very happy with the final look. What do you think?


Happy 2008!

It's been a long time, I know. I haven't really felt up to blogging lately. I am happy for a new year, this one will be better than the last - I can feel it.

I had a great Christmas/New Year with the family. Michigan was beautiful with plenty of snow. Back in Chicago and it's currently 62 degrees and thunderstorming. Wonderful! Gotta love a January day in the 60's!

I am currently busy:

:: Getting my tax's ready (shiza!)
:: Redoing my Trudesign portfolio
:: Catching up on freelance design work
:: Getting consignment orders out for Truche
:: Organizing my apartment, getting rid of clothing and items I don't need
:: Studying up on CSS2
:: Focusing on eating healthier and working out more often

Goals for 2008:

:: Focus on Trudesign's business
:: Getting completely and totally organized with accounting and taxes
:: Make my way out of the 9-5 job and into total self employment
:: Find a new inspiring place to live and work

In other news, I started a etsy shop for Trudesign, where I'll be selling logo's banners, postcards etc.

Check it out here:

I'm adding new items to all of my shops weekly, so check back!

As always I'll be over on flickr regularly.

Happy Monday Everyone!