Halloween Party!

This weekend's party at my apartment was really fun. Here are some before shots of the party, after my roomate and I decorated...

We had a group of gangsters, michigan taters (my mom), Bernie Lomax (my dad), shit with corn (Vorrel), zorro, uma thurman (Nicole my roomate), elvis, thing 1 & 2, clark kent... haha


Trivia to Blog Day!

Before my trivia I would like to vent for a second... I read in the paper today that Bush is cutting Student aid by 18.4 BILLION DOLLARS! Why so he can pay for the war that has been going on forever?

Also hurricane Wilma wasn't dealt with fast enough. Don't you think after all the hurricanes this year that maybe they would get it right once? Bush said yesterday that he would take the blame for FEMA's unacceptable timing. FEMA told hurricane victims in Florida to login to the website to register for aid. Ok 1st of all, do you really fucking think they have power? 2nd of all if you did have some kind of backup generator and actually logged on, the FEMA website was DOWN! AHHH

Ok on a happy note, haha - here's my trivia.... I wanted to do more halloween trivia, but couldn't think of any other old halloween specials... so here is some Dr. Seuess trivia for you..

In the sneetches cartoon, what did the star symbolize?

What did the sneetches eat at one point in the cartoon?

Who were the sneetches bamboozled by?


Self Portrait Tuesday

Keeping with this month's theme - here are some photos of my work...
I'm a graphic, web and marketing director...

I got to design this wall of my artwork and signs.
The big black thing you see is an old shipping beam
they used to use for a crane. We couldn't remove it,
so I just used it and put files underneath.
I have a PC and a MAC at work. I'm spoiled here.

I heart my G5. :)

Here I am trying not to look stressed out.


FINAL Halloween Invite

Back from the trade show, very tired today. Halloween is on.... This Friday ---


Carve a Punkin!

Hey check this out, very cute. Thanks Ray, for the link.

Carve Your Own Pumpkin online

Movie/TV Trivia Blog Day!

Keeping with the Halloween theme, here are my questions this week:

In Disney's Legends of Sleep Hollow - what was the name of the girl Ichabod Crane was in love with?

Who was her father?

Who was Ichabod's rival?

Where was Ichabod going when he came across the headless horseman?

Emmy and her pumpkins!

Here are some pics of my niece Emmy who is picking out her pumpkins for this Halloween. I wish I could have been there to see it! :( I miss you guys!


Thursday err Friday Trivia Day...

Been super busy, but my brother and I decided to do movie/tv trivia today. I'll keep with his theme of Halloween.

In the 1985 tv special - Garfield's Halloween Adventure - What do Garfield and Ody dress up as? What is the one word that Garfield says over and over again? What does Garfield do for Ody at the end of the special?


I heart SOULIVE!

Today was a whole lot better.

Last night I went to a soulive show at the House Of Blues. It was amazing as ever. It's been a while since I've seen a good show! It's about time I had some funk in my diet. If you like jazz or funk or just damn good music, check them out.


Explosion of earrings

My dream would be to do freelance design full-time from home and also have time to sew, make jewlery and other things to sell... maybe one day!

Here are some earrings I did today...