I swapped out my amazon wish list for one at ThingsIWant.com I like this site alot better because you can add anything.


At the last minute Vorrel reminded me that my favorite hip hop group, blackalicious was playing at the Park West. I almost shed a tear because I was so sad that I forgot! Well Louie, Vorrel and I decided to go a little late. It was amazing. I've seen them before and they are always great. If you live in the Chicago area, you should check out the Park West, it's a really great venue. At one point in the show, a fan handed Gift of Gab a joint and he stopped the show to smoke it on stage... gotta love it. I really want to get their new album - The Craft... hmm Christmas present? :)

Also once again, please vote for Wakey Wakey!


Self Portrait Tuesday

I know your going to get sick of seeing this, but please please vote for me, 4 days!
My Threadless.com Submission

Check out my retarded shirt, i'm in love with how ugly it is, I look down and it makes me laugh!


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My shirt design was accepted into threadless -- please vote for me, there are only 5 days to vote!!!
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Here are some photos from this weekend in Michigan...

Wednesday night we went to a place called Wonderful's - The Funky Basement. Heard some good blues and funk -- it was an awesome hole in the wall, filled with smoke and smelled like my grandma's basement.

Woke up Thanksgiving Day to some snow on the ground and 18 degrees! It was really quite beautiful, I caught some birds as well.

Thursday night my mom and sister and I put up the village that was passed down to my mom, it took a few hours and my sister broke one of the houses!

I'll leave you with some photos of the animals at my parents house...
My sister's horses, Sparkle and Amora and her puppy Lola.

Our family dog, Scout looking inside, while Lola is looking out in the corner.

Smokey - my 1st cat that I got when I was 12, after annoying my mom for so long, she finally gave in. He's so sweet, and 13 years old already! :(


Self Portrait Tuesday

Because I always forget to take photos in more interesting places - and I dont remember until i'm at work - here is a photo of me being an idiot last fall at home in Michigan. I can't wait to go home tomorrow for Thanksgiving and see my family. Just sad that my brother won't be there.

I am in love...

with pee and poo...


This weekend...

Was a rather interesting weekend... I did some Christmas shopping on Friday and got quite a few of my family members done.

Saturday we ended up at a place called the Brew and Grow Alternative Garden Supply... the entrance was back in a shady alley... the door wasn't even marked. I felt like we were doing something illegal even just looking for this place. We walk in and go up the stairs to find a retail store selling everything you need to brew your own beer and grow your own.. uhhh well house plants. It was a true site to see. We ended up talking with a guy about how to brew our own beer and we sampled the beer he was brewing. It was great.

Next we ended up at a bar called The Hideout, also off the beaten path. I felt like I was back home in Michigan at some hole in the wall bar. Here they were hosting the 1st annual Chili Cookoff. We sampled 25 different chili's and voted on our favorite. Needless to say some of us ended up with a stomach ache.. but this weird scene was well worth it. I will be returning for sure.


Greatest shirt EVER



Craft Swap

Here is what I made for my craft swap partner Giao. Pics are not the greatest, sorry.

I want you.....

Ok 1st of all, I just went outside and it's frickin' snowing... not sure if I'm ready for this or not... shiza!

Just discovered the amazon wish list, why did it take me so long to make one? Not so sure.. anywho here is mine...Things I want

And some other things as well...


Would you buy me as a t-shirt?

Made this design ---- what are your thoughts?

Got back from the trade show in Indianapolis last night. The whole weekend I got a total of 2 hours sleep. Still tired today. Will have another crafty post soon!


The METERS!!!!

Last night for the 1st time in 25 years, the Meters played in Chicago at the House of Blues. It was an amazing show, we danced our ass off. They are the funkiest bunch of people i've ever seen. If you dont know who they are, you should REALLY check them out.

I'm going out of town today to Indianapolis for a trade show for my company. Will be back late tomorrow...


My shop!

I've been thinking about doing an online shop for a LONG time now. Way before I started this blog..... seeing everyone else's really inspires me. So here is the name and a sneak peak at the design....

Not sure when it will be done, along with christmas presents, freelance design work and my 9-5 job, it's on my list!

Self Portrait Tuesday

So it's technically Wednesday because it's past midnight, but who's counting. Here I am, another late night at the computer working on freelance design.


Ok so I lied...

I had to post this, because i'm so happy with myself for getting over the "sewing fear"!

Mom, DO NOT click this link

--- here is my 1st real sewing project...
woohoo I can sew - just don't look too close!

Postcard design

Here is a piece I just did for SAGE Jewelry and Accessories here in Chicago.

Also this illustration of my kitty - THE Elmo was done by Vorrel.
It cracks me up, and looks just like him!

Elmo had surgery early this year for a
blood clot in his ear. Not only does he have 6 toes -- mitten feet,
he has a wacky ear. It gives him character!

Also here is a picture of the 1st thing I ever made on the sewing machine! NOTHING special, but hey gotta start somewhere. I'll post the big project I made right after this cuff, after I give it away for Christmas.


So I did some sewing last night, finally after 2 years of getting my nice singer. I would post a pic, but can't because it's going to be a chrstimas present for someone that regularly reads my blog! :) However, I must say that I had alot of fun and that I will do some more sewing soon... i think this might get addicting! I did some cuffs for me and Vorrel and will post pics of those later.


November already?

I've been thinking alot about christmas gifts lately. I want to get a head start. I feel like I say that every year. Last year for my brother and his wife I made a calendar of there newborn, Emmy. Here are a few of the calendar months. I designed it, and shutterfly printed it.

Mmm patterns......

A friend sent me this link today... Everday icons

I really like there patterns and icons... they turn me on. :)