This weekend...

Was a rather interesting weekend... I did some Christmas shopping on Friday and got quite a few of my family members done.

Saturday we ended up at a place called the Brew and Grow Alternative Garden Supply... the entrance was back in a shady alley... the door wasn't even marked. I felt like we were doing something illegal even just looking for this place. We walk in and go up the stairs to find a retail store selling everything you need to brew your own beer and grow your own.. uhhh well house plants. It was a true site to see. We ended up talking with a guy about how to brew our own beer and we sampled the beer he was brewing. It was great.

Next we ended up at a bar called The Hideout, also off the beaten path. I felt like I was back home in Michigan at some hole in the wall bar. Here they were hosting the 1st annual Chili Cookoff. We sampled 25 different chili's and voted on our favorite. Needless to say some of us ended up with a stomach ache.. but this weird scene was well worth it. I will be returning for sure.


At 11/21/2005 1:28 AM, Anonymous jen said...

i like the hideout. Califone plays there a lot and tim also plays solo there too. We also go to their block party every september where they block off those two streets and bands play from like 1pm til 11pm and it's only 10$ to get in. It's a good haunt.

At 11/21/2005 10:47 AM, Anonymous V Funk said...

Guiness and Hot Dog Chili. BIG MISTAKE! The Hidout was cool though. I dig that place.


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