Orange Wednesday

Late post for me today, I caught some kind of stomach flu and have been in bed all day. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!


Green Tuesday

I love me some green!


Blue Monday

Looking around my house this morning, I don't have a lot of blue. I have a TON of other colors, but blue was hard to come by. Here is what I came up with. Can't wait to see everyone else's!


Next Week, Colors!!

So I'm going to post a photo (or more) a day of the following colors! No Rules, just have fun!

Who's down?

Monday:: Blue
Tuesday:: Green
Wednesday:: Orange
Thursday:: Red
Friday:: Neutrals

Can't wait to see who joins! Enjoy!


Hooray for New Jewelry!

Lots of stuff will be added to the shop tonight! Get on over and check it out, word?


I'm full of snot!

Not feeling so well lately. Can't wait till I feel normal again and have full energy!

Some things that have caught my eye recently...

::Day Tipper

::Footprint Shoe Holder

::Modular Arts Wall Designs

::This Photo on Flickr

::Any Photo taken by CloudBerryTerrier

::Fun with BigHugeLabs

My Poor Kitty is sick right along with me. He can't keep food or water down. I feel so bad for him! :( Last time this happened I took him to the vet, they ran tests and found nothing and I walked out with a 300 dollar bill. I don't know if i should do the same thing!

On another note, I'm very much a spring, fall and summer kind of girl. The winter makes me depressed and pissed off. I'm wishing for a warm breeze and the sun on my face!

I really want to do another color week like a lot of us did last year. Anyone interested?


Happy Birthday Baby...

J - I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. You are one of the most amazing people I know and you inspire and challenge me everyday. I love you!


New Baby Buntings Added!


Everybody Got Their Somethin...

:: Listening to: Nikka Costa, Weather Report, Soulive, Sufjan Stevens on Shuffle

:: Smoking Cigs

:: Cleaning out closets

:: Making Space, Getting rid of shit

:: Wandering around taking photos

:: Burning Nag Champa

:: Talking to Elmo

:: Singing Loudly

:: Shooting Things My Parents Got Me for Christmas (long overdue)

Have A Happy Hump Day Everyone.


Hanging out...

At Wood St...


Be Bo Bop Boo

Busy Busy Me...

:: I've been preparing for my taxes, and I've learned that I need to be more organized throughout the year with keeping track of everything. BTW, great resource site on taxes and all kinds of other boring stuff that I don't like thinking about but have to!

:: A few flickr favorites - here, here, here

:: I've also been looking into Letterpress classes, I'm going to take one in the Spring I think, and I'm so excited!

:: Good discussion on adverting over at decor8.

:: Want to start doing some more collages. Start a collage journal type thing.

:: Found out that here in a few weeks I will be getting a new roommate! Congratulations Chrissy on your new job, very proud of you!

:: Need to get my house ready for the big move in. Great excuse to reorganize all of my closets and get rid of stuff that I don't need. Early spring cleaning!

:: Decided to have a contest! The 1st 5 people to email me will get a free print or pair of vintage flower earrings! You can pick from any print or any of the vintage flower earrings! Email me at skoerner@trudesign.org - with your name, address, and item you would like! Good luck!

Click the image to view my shop!



Some Elmo Love for you Today. xoxo


Work - Coming Soon...

A fresh start...

2006 in Review

:: I am an aunt -- Sophia is born on January 13th

:: Vorrel sang at the Elbo Room in February, was wonderful to watch him!

:: Attended quite a few concerts: The Charlie Hunter Trio, Wood Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, Oteil & The Peacemakers, Victor Wooten, Jamie Lidell, Dane Cook, Galactic, & The Stanton Moore Trio

:: In March we built a Fort in Louie's Living Room.

:: March 2006, Truche was open for business - built with ZenCart.

:: Did freelance work for House Wears, Fervor, Underground Assistant, Elavate, Premier Properties, & a few blogs as well.

:: Truche was accepted into Copacetique.

:: Vorrel & I went to Orlando in April for work & to visit Gavin.

:: Bought a Holga camera and have had fun with it all year.

:: Went to Ft. Lauderdale for work.

:: Found many thrift & garage sale finds that brightened my apartment.

:: Went to Michigan many times to visit the family.

:: In June I attended a family vacation at Dale Hollow Lake, TN. Had a blast.

:: Spent many days/nights hanging out on the stoop.

:: In August I attended Alexa's (my cousin's) wedding in Erie, PA.

:: In September I did my 1st craft fair - the Renegade in Wicker Park here in Chicago.

:: In October I am officially Roomateless! Enjoyed reorganizing and making a craft room for myself.

:: October - went to Statesville, haunted prison - had a freakin' blast.

:: Had a huge Halloween Bash that was so much fun, went way overboard on decorating.

:: I'm an aunt again! Baby Pook is born on November 14th

:: Went to Memphis, TN to visit my sister and her family for Thanksgiving.

:: Did the Renegade Holiday on December 9th and 10th.

:: Went to Columbia, SC for Christmas to visit Ray & Missy and the fam.

Things I said that I would do this year:

1. Get Truche up and open for business - WOOT this was done and is doing great.
a. Create all inventory and decide on what to specialize in
b. Create the website with ZenCart

2. Do as much freelance design work as I can stand and save at least 75% of the money - ok well I did a lot of freelance, but didn't save much.

3. Take a trip to Jamacia SOON - Hmm what is soon? Still want to accomplish this, this year.

4. Do my pilates DVD at least 3 times a week so that I can actually touch my toes, wow that's sad! HAHA, nope didn't happen.

I dont really like that word resolutions, because its overrated. I do however have a few things that I want to accomplish this year:

::: Again Save Money - for a Jamaica Trip.
::: Reorganize my entire space, get rid of stuff I don't use.
::: Take Letterpress & Screen Printing classes
::: Find a fun way to work out and feel better
::: Enter 3-4 craft fairs
::: Expand Truche with more art and new jewelry designs
::: Seek out freelance design work
::: Smile & Laugh more

What do you want to accomplish this year?


Vacation Time

I'm back, been a while since I posted! Back to work tomorrow, blah.

Christmas Vacation was fun in Columbia with my brothers family. Here are some photos from this past week.


Christmas Morning Table.

Baby Pook.

Charleston, SC

Boone's Hall Plantation.

More pics from Christmas in SC here.

Pics from New Years Eve In Chicago here.