I'm full of snot!

Not feeling so well lately. Can't wait till I feel normal again and have full energy!

Some things that have caught my eye recently...

::Day Tipper

::Footprint Shoe Holder

::Modular Arts Wall Designs

::This Photo on Flickr

::Any Photo taken by CloudBerryTerrier

::Fun with BigHugeLabs

My Poor Kitty is sick right along with me. He can't keep food or water down. I feel so bad for him! :( Last time this happened I took him to the vet, they ran tests and found nothing and I walked out with a 300 dollar bill. I don't know if i should do the same thing!

On another note, I'm very much a spring, fall and summer kind of girl. The winter makes me depressed and pissed off. I'm wishing for a warm breeze and the sun on my face!

I really want to do another color week like a lot of us did last year. Anyone interested?


At 1/26/2007 8:31 AM, Blogger Missy said...

Sorry that you and Elmo are sick. Feel better soon!
Go Color Week! I'm in...


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