Tuesday oh my Tuesday

Sorry my posts have been so few and far between. Life has thrown me around lately. Lots of new stuff coming, new ideas. Stay tuned.

In the meantime I've added some Gift Certificates to my shop.

I'm leaving on Friday for Baltimore, the off to the Smokey Mountains. I am very excited, I really need this break.


This Hump Day

Hello again. I'm staying busy with freelance stuff. Nothing new has progressed on an ETA of when I'll be sitting at my coffee table with my laptop. I should know more by the end of the week. I'm very anxious for it to be finalized - so I can plan the next few months.

8 Days until vacation! I cannot wait. This week is going so slow, and next will be even slower! I will be flying to Baltimore next Friday to drive down to TN with my cousin.

This year, I'm excited for:

:: Yuengling Lager
:: Crazy Ass Fireworks
:: Swimming in the pool
:: Games - I bought a set of bean bag toss for the trip.
:: Hiking in the Smokey Mountains
:: White water rafting
:: Drinking coffee with the fam every morning
:: Playing cards
:: Harry Potter Jelly Belly Game
:: Taking shots with my Holga
:: Hanging out with my nieces and nephew
:: Drinking and smoking way too much
:: Daytime naps

Cool Artist - Banksy
Such a cute kitty camera idea


Happy Father's Day...

Dad - Hope you have a great day. Love you!


What I've Been Up To..

1. I've debated for such a long time. I'm finally quitting my day job as a marketing & graphics director to venture off on my own. I'm so excited, and super nervous. But for sure more excited, eeeee! Working on a proposal to take on my current company as a client... more soon on that. Coffee, Macbook & PJ's here I come.

2. Getting so pumped for the family vacation. It's in the Smokey Mountains this year. I'm working on a binder of all the attractions and a little recap from last year. Elmo of course is in the middle of it. Ghost tours and nature here I come.

3. Sprucin up the place.

4. Listening to Ray Lamontagne, singing at the top of my lungs. Rearranged a bit.

5. New glasses.

Ok, back to work. Happy Evening Everyone.