This Hump Day

Hello again. I'm staying busy with freelance stuff. Nothing new has progressed on an ETA of when I'll be sitting at my coffee table with my laptop. I should know more by the end of the week. I'm very anxious for it to be finalized - so I can plan the next few months.

8 Days until vacation! I cannot wait. This week is going so slow, and next will be even slower! I will be flying to Baltimore next Friday to drive down to TN with my cousin.

This year, I'm excited for:

:: Yuengling Lager
:: Crazy Ass Fireworks
:: Swimming in the pool
:: Games - I bought a set of bean bag toss for the trip.
:: Hiking in the Smokey Mountains
:: White water rafting
:: Drinking coffee with the fam every morning
:: Playing cards
:: Harry Potter Jelly Belly Game
:: Taking shots with my Holga
:: Hanging out with my nieces and nephew
:: Drinking and smoking way too much
:: Daytime naps

Cool Artist - Banksy
Such a cute kitty camera idea


At 6/21/2007 1:05 PM, Blogger Ray said...

Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
8 days
21 hours
55 minutes
60 sec
59 sec
58 sec
57 sec....

At 6/21/2007 4:21 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I also cannot wait for the pool, and to take the kiddies swimming.
And relaxing
And sitting in the sun
And fireworks!

At 6/26/2007 1:59 PM, Blogger sooziebee said...

Love your blo, esp the bit aiwht your logo along the top. Have a great hol and thanks for the comments on my blog

At 6/26/2007 2:00 PM, Blogger sooziebee said...

oh dear I should have read that before I posted, apols for the spelling mistakes, it's been a long day at work!!


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