Still plugging away on freelance, listening to some Frogwings & Oteil. I'm starting to think about hiring movers to just move my stuff. Not pack it of course, I actually love the packing and unpacking part. I think I'm going to get some quotes.

Walking around taking some photos tonight of some corners of my kitchen.

What I ate for dinner.

And of course, it wouldn't be a blog post without a pic of the Fro.

Hooray for Friday! Man, I need some sleep.


taking a break from working...

To post about what's up in my world.

:: working on lots of freelance work and loving it

:: found a new apartment after looking at many many places! I'm very pumped, it's huge and a loft and wonderful. A glimpse below.

:: Elmo is doing much better - he's even playing lately. Hopefully gaining back some of the weight he has lost.

:: Still dealing with shitty weather, how weird is this cloud on my weather widget?

What I need to do?

:: Update resume and start the search
:: Get more sleep
:: Start thinking about packing
:: Go through things and cut down


What have I been up to?

Took some photos of my inspiration book.

From the sketchbook:

Other things occupying my life at the moment:

:: Looking for a new apartment (very pumped about this)
:: Taking care of Elmo (found out he has a blood clot and heart disease)
:: Finished my taxes
:: Doing lots of freelance work for Trudesign
:: Looking for a new full time gig
:: Some Bikram Yoga

I'm currently watching the lunar eclipse, are you? It's amazing.

Happy Hump Day Peeps.