Photo Dreams

I've been thinking alot about photos that take you places. Places you feel like you have been. Give you a certain feeling or emotion. That you are just drawn to. Here are a few that have done this for me.

1. Laurelhurst Park, Portland, OR, 2. After the rain, 3. film.261, 4. can't define what i'm after, 5. Dachka Series 1, 6. Ohio Turnpike , 7. cargo glass, 8. Untitled, 9. 081219_02

When I was young my brother and I had a place called the "Dream Gully". It was a little dip/bowl in the grass in our backyard that we would sit in. Look up at the sky and day dream. I want to be there right now.


Clay fun

Playing with some clay, made some heart lovelies.

Opened a shop on cosa verde today. A new ecofriendly website for handmade goods. Check my shop out here.

I'm off to relax and watch Obama speak to Congress.



I've been taking a metal class on Sundays. It's a lot of fun, and am learning a ton. Here are the first couple of pieces I did.

I love how they turned out. I'm super excited to make more!


Ohhh Bacon...

How I love you. You are the reason I cannot be a vegetarian.

1. What's Shakin'.

2. Bacon and Eggs Framed

3. Bacon is like a Hug from God. (seen on DesignSponge)

4. I love you more than bacon.

5. I love bacon.

Happy Friday Peeps.


I have a crush on Kate Towers

Her work is amazing.

See more here.


Saturday in the Hood

Last weekend was gorgeous. Walking around, found some lovelies.

Who doesn't love a pinwheel? More here.

Have a great weekend all!



Added these to Truche on etsy. Simple. Classy. Fun.

I have the day off today. It was so nice, I drank lots of coffee, worked on a logo and made some jewelry. Elmo enjoyed it too.

I also decided to go platinum the other day. I love it.


Around the house

Wish they still made film for it.

A project I've been working on. It's taking quite some time, but I think it will pay off.

On my mantle. Hello cutie.

I'm off to work on a new collection for Truche and watch Big Love.

Happy Sunday peeps.