Hooray for thunderstorms!

Crazy commute this morning. The sky looked really cool, can't tell a whole lot from these pictures, but the clouds looked so weird.

I'm off to Dale Hollow Lake, TN today. Won't be posting until after the 4th of July. Going to a cabin with my entire dad's side of the family. I cannot wait to sit on the porch of the cabin, drink beer, smoke cigs and look at the mountains. A much needed vacation! Have a great 4th everyone!


Cut & Paste Loot

Got this box o' crafty stuff today! Isn't that fabric the shit?! So exciting!



This weekend was pretty uneventful, did alot of catching up with laundry, cleaning and drinking of course! It was super hot - which I loved! 4 more days till my vacation!

Jen posted this meme on her blog, thought I would as well!

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me - it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you.

Ready go!


Happy Father's Day...

I love you Pa Dukes...


Red Friday

Had alot of fun with color week #2 - thanks mav & stephanie, for organizing it!

7 Days until Hollar, can't wait to see everyone!


Blue Thursday


Pirate Ship Shirt

Felt like pulling out my sewing machine tonight, don't do this often - so when I was in the mood, I jumped on it.

Cut out a tiny pirate ship and sewed it onto a shirt. Perfect for black and gray Wednesday! :)

Black/Gray Wednesday

In honor of my family vacation coming up in 9 days (can't frickin' wait) - here is my black and gray photo. Gotta love a good pork sign.


Brown Tuesday


White Monday

Sculpture done by my dad :)

More colors of the week:
little birds.


Another Color Week!

Another photographic week of color to start on monday june 12.

here are the rules!

please post a single photo on your blog to the following schedule color theme:

monday :: white
tuesday :: brown
wednesday :: black/grey (but not a b&w photo)
thursday :: blue
friday :: red

New Hammered Metal Jewelry.

Probably add this to the shop this weekend. I really like the way these turned out.

My parents are coming into town this weekend. There is alot going on here in Chicago, Blues Fest, Old Town Art Fair, Rib Fest, and I'm sure lots of other stuff! Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!


Huge Shop Update!

Yey GINORMOUS shop update! It's about time!

HUGE shop update!

Preview of the shop update that I'll be posting tonight.

Check back later!


Make It Interview

Shannon at Make It was kind enough to interview me for her blog.

Check out the interview here

Thanks Shannon for the opportunity! Check out her blog she has posted alot of good information!


New Blog Design

Mary Beth of life in the desert asked me to do a blog design for her new blog thrift.barter.buy.

I had alot of fun with it, thanks for the work Mary Beth, and I'm excited to see your finds!