Statesville Haunted Prision

Last night Vorrel, Erin, Dan, Louie and I drove all the way to Joliet (SW suburb) to go to Statesville haunted prision. It was the BEST frickin haunted house I have ever been to.

I would recommend anyone go that lives here in IL. It was worth the drive and 25 bucks. The costumes and sets were amazing. I was scared out of my mind and my body is sore from tensing up so much! Just when you were scared once, another person was in your face. The haunted house started out with a man getting electrocuted and another guy flying above the crowd. At times I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka factory, halls getting smaller and larger, ceilings sloping, crawl spaces. It lasted over an hour and there were 2 haunted houses in one. You were chased out by a chainsaw from the 1st into the next. I am so glad we went, yey for Halloween!!



Has it really been a week since I posted? Yikes! Had a great weekend, spent too much money - but it was worth it. Pictures of the stoop to come.

Here are some good finds for your viewing pleasure.

I applied for the Apartment Therapy Chicago Fall Color Contest. Check it out and if you could be so kind as to vote for mwa.

2. Steven Harrington. I adore his work.

3. Sony Bravia has done it again.

I'm sure alot of you have seen this already, but it's worth another watch.

4. Top 10 ad-tricks in Tokyo’s train stations.

5. Vorrel has been working on the new ShopHouseWear site for one of my clients. He's done a great job. I have a few final touches and it will be complete.

6. Busy getting ready for my Halloween party this Saturday. Lots to do. There will be Cincinatti style chili, subs, a keg, apple rum punch in dry ice and a whole lot more! Stop by if you are in the neighborhood! :)



Truche was featured my Pumpkin earrings on Indie Obsession today!

Thanks Brandy!


This week..

Vorrel & I went to the Stanton Moore Trio this Thursday. They rocked the Elbo Room.

Vorrel & I went to Michigan this weekend. Didn't take a lot of shots, the colors were really pretty. Had a lot of fun. Thanks mom and dad for trucking around all the haunted houses with us! :)

More photos here


More Spooky Pics...

I added more! I just can't stop...

Wolfbait & B-Girls

Sent off 15 pieces to Wolfbait in Logan Square here in Chicago.



Weird meme

Saw this over at Piddleloop

You are supposed to tell everyone five weird things about you. Feel free to post this meme if you are feelin' froggy!

1. I still think about the urban legend of "Bloody Mary" everytime I go to the bathroom and it completely freaks me out. Sometimes I book out of the bathroom. And Yes I am also afraid of the dark.

2. I have to sleep with my ear covered because I think someone in the middle of the night might pull it off.

3. I can talk inside of my mouth. It sounds as if someone is in there and can't get out. HELLLLLP, LET ME OUT! I can wiggle my nose and ears, guess that's not that weird though.

4. I have 3 less ribs than everyone else. Long story, but had them removed when I was 15.

5. I am completely and totally OBSESSED with Halloween. Its a sickness really. I think you can tell by now. But I start looking for haunted houses to go to in August. Nothing excites me more than a good haunted house, fall leaves, bonfires and Halloween parties. Which by the way I am having one on the Saturday before Halloween, the 28th to be exact. Invites coming soon.


Craft Room/Thrift Finds

While in Michigan last weekend, I found a few things.

Stuffed Pumpkin.

Horse Plant Holders.

Letter Press Blocks.

I've been slowly working on my craft room. Here is what it looks like so far. Excuse the mess! I really wish that my landlord would let me paint!


Ooo Spooky Stoop

I just couldn't wait any longer. I was supposed to wait until this weekend to decorate the stoop, but couldn't. On my way home from work I ran to Kmart and stocked up on Halloween stuff. These photos kinda stink, but its all I got for now. The stoop is not done yet, I think it won't be done until the day of Halloween because I love the process so much.

More photos at the stoop blog


This Weekend In Michigan

Had a fun time in Michigan. Saturday I hung out with Chrissy and Sunday the family went apple pickin' at the Crane's orchard. Sunday was 70 degrees and sunny. The trees were starting to turn and it smelled of fall. I was sad that we didn't get to try the corn maze or hay ride, but it was hard to fit it all in.

Chopped my hair and my mom highlighted my hair on Sunday too, thanks Mom! Had a fun time with everyone, and I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

More shots here.