Weird meme

Saw this over at Piddleloop

You are supposed to tell everyone five weird things about you. Feel free to post this meme if you are feelin' froggy!

1. I still think about the urban legend of "Bloody Mary" everytime I go to the bathroom and it completely freaks me out. Sometimes I book out of the bathroom. And Yes I am also afraid of the dark.

2. I have to sleep with my ear covered because I think someone in the middle of the night might pull it off.

3. I can talk inside of my mouth. It sounds as if someone is in there and can't get out. HELLLLLP, LET ME OUT! I can wiggle my nose and ears, guess that's not that weird though.

4. I have 3 less ribs than everyone else. Long story, but had them removed when I was 15.

5. I am completely and totally OBSESSED with Halloween. Its a sickness really. I think you can tell by now. But I start looking for haunted houses to go to in August. Nothing excites me more than a good haunted house, fall leaves, bonfires and Halloween parties. Which by the way I am having one on the Saturday before Halloween, the 28th to be exact. Invites coming soon.


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