Statesville Haunted Prision

Last night Vorrel, Erin, Dan, Louie and I drove all the way to Joliet (SW suburb) to go to Statesville haunted prision. It was the BEST frickin haunted house I have ever been to.

I would recommend anyone go that lives here in IL. It was worth the drive and 25 bucks. The costumes and sets were amazing. I was scared out of my mind and my body is sore from tensing up so much! Just when you were scared once, another person was in your face. The haunted house started out with a man getting electrocuted and another guy flying above the crowd. At times I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka factory, halls getting smaller and larger, ceilings sloping, crawl spaces. It lasted over an hour and there were 2 haunted houses in one. You were chased out by a chainsaw from the 1st into the next. I am so glad we went, yey for Halloween!!


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