I need to refuel..

My brain hurts, my body hurts, my heart hurts. I am very much exhausted today in so many ways. I need to have a just me, alone with my brain day - and I don't see that in the near future. Take a trip, get the hell outta here - something. Do you ever feel like all you do is help people? Listen to people? Wait for people? Well that's how I'm feeling right now, and God Damnit I want to not have to do that for a minute.

I needed to vent, and I'm not going to say sorry. Here are some things that I think are pretty fing cool:

:: Visiting Extra Tasty - Drink Recipes (by Threadless peeps)

:: Wanting to take a Metal Class at the Lillstreet Art Center

:: CTA Signs to buy

:: Listening to The Poets of Rhythm - Nice beats on the Quannum label.

:: Wishing for a trip to Jamacia, and a MacBookPro 15" Laptop

:: Looking at Keri Smith's Things I Consumed Today.


The weekends

I had a really good weekend:

:: Hung out with some friends on Friday, played Catch Phrase.

:: Saturday trip to Target, Bowling Late Night. Funny night, dance dance revolution.

More here.

:: Sunday huge late brunch with Nikki and the crew, Trip to Jewel, Relaxing Evening

My brother sent me a TIVO, which is super fun so far! I am having fun listening to the little noise and setting up shows for it to record! Could be dangerous! Thanks Ray!

Another Monday, la de dah. On my way to work today I was thinking that I dont have a very crazy week for once. Well I'm wrong. The minute I got here, my name was called by the boss - and my to do list doubled. "We are going to do a half page ad in this thing, its due today. I need something written up about what makes us different for our new brochures. Add this. Get more quotes, come down on this price. Where are we on the billboards" Take a deep breath, you have a week of this.


New Collage

Did this last night, I actually really happy with it. Oil Pastel, Vintage Paper & Ink.



It's been a little while since I've done a meme. Saw this over on Jen's site.

1. High Fidelity
2. Amelie
3. Little Miss Sunshine

Boob Tube:
1. Recently have been watching Big Love on demand, is there only a season one?
2. Sex & the City
3. Smallville of course!

1. ANYTHING by Jeff Buckley
2. Ray Lamontagne - Trouble
3. Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

1. Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley
2. Back Barn Boogie - Vorrel Prendergast
3. A Cautionary Song - The Decemberists

1. Banker to the Poor
2. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
3. Japanese Jeu de Paume Books - I'm obsessed with them

1. Domino
2. Martha Stewart - YES I know I'm a dork
3. Time Out Chicago

1. Flickr
2. You Tube
3. Bloglines - my daily 122 blogs that I read.

Anyone want to join me? Missy, Ray, Louie, Nikki??


Long Day...

Had such a long day at work today. Got to go to a photo shoot on the North side, and I had a lot of fun with the photographer and the whole experience. BTW, I enjoyed every minute of the sun & 45 degree weather we had today, it was more than wonderful.

Here are some more photos of my new spaces. Enjoy & Happy Hump Day Everyone.

Elmo Says Hello.


The Joy of a Snow Day...

And a day off! I worked all last weekend at our Chicago Expo, so I decided because we got a foot of snow, to take the day off! I didn't feel like getting out in it today. It was really pretty, felt like Chicago was in a snow globe, but nicer to see from my warm apartment.

Chrissy & I have been working all week on fitting all of our stuff together in our apartment. We are just about done - we are a good team I must say! I'm impressed with us!

A tree Vorrel got me that I love so much! And a book I got on ebay this week. Isn't the typography awesome!?

Found some time today to sit back, watch reruns of project runway and make some jewelry, after I cleaned the whole apartment of course! Priorities you know!

And of course I have to take pictures of our 3 kitties. Elmo got a new sweater! The kitties are getting along well, there is still the occasional hiss, but overall they don't mind each other. Elmo is really not phased at all.

I updated my shop with these 3 pieces, so check em out!

Vorrel & I are making dinner tonight - Chicken Roll Ups, my grandmother's recipe! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


4 Degrees...

Brrrrr!! I cannot get warm! Hot Chocolate, Space Heaters, Blankets, Long Johns - not a lot is working! I am captain complain today! Here are the photos I promised of the snow in Michigan. Quite Pretty. Also a photo or two of my new roommates - Koby and Waffle AKA Chubbs.

Still working on the apartment, can't wait till we are settled in! Also going to a show at HOB tomorrow! Can't wait - DumpstaPhunk is the straight shit!


February Stinks...

This weekend I went back to Michigan to help Chrissy pack up and move into my apartment. Michigan got a foot of snow and a serious blizzard as well. It was def. a rough weekend because of it! So I have a new roommate now, we are busy unpacking and reorganizing everything. Getting very creative with using space in my small 2 bedroom apartment. I think I want to do something like the above photo in my kitchen, we'll see.

I have some cool photos of the blizzard in Michigan. Will upload and post later.

Today it's 11 degrees and all I want is to be wearing sandles on the stoop while drinking a beer. I cannot wait for spring, it can't come any sooner.


Neutral Friday...

Thank you everyone who joined in! I hope you had fun this week!

Red Thursday...

hi everyone, I have been half dead for the past 3 days with the stomach flu. Seriously WORST THING EVER. I would rather have a nasty cold for 3 weeks. Anyways I apologize for not doing Red yesterday, but I couldn't get out of bed. So here is Red Thursday on Friday. :)

Neutrals a little later.