It's been a little while since I've done a meme. Saw this over on Jen's site.

1. High Fidelity
2. Amelie
3. Little Miss Sunshine

Boob Tube:
1. Recently have been watching Big Love on demand, is there only a season one?
2. Sex & the City
3. Smallville of course!

1. ANYTHING by Jeff Buckley
2. Ray Lamontagne - Trouble
3. Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

1. Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley
2. Back Barn Boogie - Vorrel Prendergast
3. A Cautionary Song - The Decemberists

1. Banker to the Poor
2. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
3. Japanese Jeu de Paume Books - I'm obsessed with them

1. Domino
2. Martha Stewart - YES I know I'm a dork
3. Time Out Chicago

1. Flickr
2. You Tube
3. Bloglines - my daily 122 blogs that I read.

Anyone want to join me? Missy, Ray, Louie, Nikki??


At 2/21/2007 1:19 PM, Anonymous jen said...

I liked Big love alot too, there's onlys eason one..season two should start sometime int he spring.

that is also my favorite tribe called quest album. man i forgot how much i love q-tip.

i am curious what vorrel's song sounds like. i do imagine something butt shaking and fun tho!

At 2/22/2007 8:31 AM, Blogger Nikkita said...

I will! I'll have it up by tonight.

At 2/22/2007 1:16 PM, Blogger Missy said...

So I would do your meme, but... I haven't read a book in ages (Emmy's books don't count), the only magazines I read are Parents and Parenting, and I don't even have any good CD's or movies to list, because once again, they all involve cartoons and kids music.
I just realized how boring I am! :)

At 2/22/2007 6:44 PM, Blogger Ray said...

Back Barn Boogie - Vorrel Prendergast I gotta hear it....

At 2/22/2007 11:09 PM, Anonymous jen said...

*ahem missy..i'm not a parent (only an auntie who watches her nephew 4 days a week) and i tend to wonder if i am the only one who got excited over the new laurie berkner cd and songs...and when jack's big music show had new episodes. And we are waiting for new ones of the upside down show.

there's some good kids music and shows out there.

At 2/23/2007 11:49 AM, Blogger Missy said...

good to know that I am not a total dork! :)


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