mmm 3 day weekends...

There is nothing like an extra Sunday Monday!

Walked around and took photos with my new holga and digital with Louie. Walked all over our neighborhood and ended up finding a really cool hidden thrift place that is only open on Saturdays. Found an awesome skirt that i'll post later.

Not sure what kind of tree, but it felt like it was snowing all weekend. Cottoney fuzz balls everywhere, had so much fun playing in it.


Had a BBQ yesterday. Proof that there was bubbles, sparklers and a huge water balloon fight! So much fun!

More photos here.


New Jewelry & Art!

Here are some earrings and a necklace that will be added to the shop soon.

And some collages done tonight.

I've had a headache all day and I just finally got rid of it.

Yawn, off to bed, Happy Friday everyone.


Him & Hawwww

Sitting on my ass taking pictures... a shot of my inspiration board

Close up, with a print that I love from Abby

And of course some shots of Elmo & I. I'm really worried about him lately. He has been licking his back so much it's bloody. I've taken him to the vet multiple times, but none of the remedies work. That's why he has to wear a shirt. To try and stop his OCD!


Back from FL & Bunt Baby Bunt

No self portrait today, not in the mood. Got back from Ft. Lauderdale this morning. Went for work, had a decent time, was really pretty there. My hotel room was right on the beach, although I was too busy to even touch the sand. I was running on no sleep though, finally caught up today.

In other news, a friend of mine's mother did some baby buntings which I think are so cute. I'm going to put them on my site soon, but thought I would give everyone a heads up. They are 36"x38". Please email me or leave a comment if you want one of them.


Swaps & Toy Cameras.

After 4 episodes of sex and the city on demand, I finished my promo swap. I sent about 25-30 business cards and a cluster pendant to each of my partners.

In other news, thanks to Abby, - I'm now obsessed with a camera called the Holga. It's a plastic toy camera that takes dreamy, double exposure, random shots. It takes medium format 120 film, and you can modify the camera in so many ways, including turning into a 35mm. I've been in the digital world for so long, thanks Abby for giving me some inspiration!

Check out these shots taken by the holga.

I just ordered one from Holga Mods. I'm sooooo excited to start playing around.


Truche on Copacetique!

Check it out!


Self Portrait Tuesday

Misc. things about me...

Favorite Colors are orange, brown and turquoise.
I think Chicago food sucks, I'll take a new york style slice anyday.
I have tons of aunts, uncles and cousins - my mom is 1 of 8 and my dad is 1 of 9.
My cousins are some of my best friends.
I live above an Italian restaurant/bar and it smells of fish every summer. YUCK.
My favorite beer is delirium, with Blue Moon at a close 2nd.
I'm a candyholic. Nerds, Sprees, Dark Chocolate, Runts, Gobstoppers, mmm....
I used to be a Jesus Freak - I mean serious Jesus FREAK.
Now no religion suits me, but I'm interested in all of there teachings.
There is nothing better than live music.
I smoke clove cigarettes, yup that's right those damn hippy smokes.
I'm obsessed with Nag Champa incense.
I HATE spiders, heights and public speaking.

More self portraits here.


Garage Sale Loot

Rainy weekend for garage sales, but it turned out to be a great one!


Happy Birthday Sis!

Hope you have a great day. Love you!


New Stuff!

New stuff added to the shop

Self Portrait Tuesday

This month's challenge is to introduce yourself.

A little about me.

I love being crafty in anyway I can.

I love music. More so, I love music that not a lot of people have heard of. Finding new music is one of my favorite things to do.

I love my kitty - THE Elmo. He brings me so much joy (I know I'm a dork).

I love my family. I feel like I have the best family in the world. We are all so close and have such a great time together. I'm the middle child. Younger sister, older brother.

There is nothing better than drinking beer in the summer time with friends.

One of my dreams is to own my own store front. Selling anything from antiques to jewelry to straight fun junk.

My best friend and boyfriend Vorrel has inspired and taught me more than almost anyone else.

My favorite designs and furniture are from the 50's.

I have a degree in Digital Media from Full Sail.

I love my career but long to go back to school.

Well that's a little about me. What about you? Who are you?

More portraits here

Bonfires & Family

This weekend I went to Michigan to see my family and help my brother move his stuff into storage. It's always a great weekend.

Made a bonfire.

Took some photos of my nieces Sophia & Emmy. The 1st time they have been together.

I love the colors in this photo taken in my parents back yard.

More photos here

I plan on doing the jewelry update tonight. Got some new vintage items as well.


mmm espresso shakes

I'm sitting here all jacked up on my espresso shake. Kinda dangerous to drink at 8 at night. Oh well, extremely motivating! Here are another 3 necklaces to be uploaded soon. Click on the image to view larger.

I'm planning a big shop update on Monday or Tuesday night. I'm off to Michigan to see my family for the weekend, so I won't be posting until Monday or so.

Happy Early Friday everyone!


Things to Come...

New necklaces coming soon...