mmm 3 day weekends...

There is nothing like an extra Sunday Monday!

Walked around and took photos with my new holga and digital with Louie. Walked all over our neighborhood and ended up finding a really cool hidden thrift place that is only open on Saturdays. Found an awesome skirt that i'll post later.

Not sure what kind of tree, but it felt like it was snowing all weekend. Cottoney fuzz balls everywhere, had so much fun playing in it.


Had a BBQ yesterday. Proof that there was bubbles, sparklers and a huge water balloon fight! So much fun!

More photos here.


At 5/30/2006 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the good looking guy in the flashy shirt?

At 6/02/2006 2:36 PM, Blogger Manufacturer said...

I had a lot of fun cruisin around with you. Thanks Stevie.

At 6/30/2006 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cottonwood tree


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