My bedroom is complete....

Here it is, done at last. The boxes on the wall serve as stairs for Elmo to go up and down from the bed. I was getting sick of taking him down and bringing him up. He would wake me up at 4am wanting down, and then scream at 4:30 to get back up! There is alot going on in here, but I have space for everything.

Earrings to match....

I made these for the wedding --- wow.. i'm sleepy...

Self Portrait Tuesday

Because my little sister is getting married this Saturday, I decided to post a picture of her and I. This is us on vacation in Ohio. We went out for a drive and decided to take some pictures of the beautiful countryside. There is something about a cornfield or wheat field that I love. Living in the city makes me miss seeing old red barns and cows and rows of corn! :)


I have the BEST vintage swap partner EVER!

I got my vintage package this weekend from Katey at One Good Bumblebee and I have to say that I have never been more spoiled in my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH KATEY! The bag is adorable and I love the vintage fabric you used! The necklace is gorgeous - and will get TONS of use. Everything else was wonderful too, I love it all. Thank you so much, you did way too much - I'm very lucky!


Hooray for the Renegade Craft Fair!

What a weekend... it rained the whole weekend and the craft fair was nothing but mud! Despite the mud, a lot of people showed up. Here is some of the stuff I got before I ran out of money! I can't post it all because I got an early start on Christmas presents! :)


Brings me back...

I was browsing ebay the other day and just had to buy these. I was a huge collector of these 80's clip charms. Do you ever wonder where all of your old toys go?

Attack of the robots

I finally got my blik graphics in and put them up in my kitchen. I was seriously standing there laughing.

Trivia Day...

Ok here goes...

Name this show...


Self Portrait Tuesday

This butterfly would not leave me alone. At 1st I thought it was because of my clove cigarette, but it kept coming back and landing on me. It made my day.



My cd's for dual disk will go out today. I had a spur of the moment trip to Michigan to help with my sister's wedding stuff. So needless to say, I'm finishing them up today. I swear they will go out this afternoon.

On another note, a pitch fork went through the bottom of my big toe this weekend while helping my dad burn brush. No stitches, and good thing I had my tetanus shot less than 10 years ago. Man I am so prone to accidents!!



Just finished my Dual Disk set's and artwork. I'm going to take some pics of everything, but here is a preview of my cd design...


Campin' at Illini!

Chrissy and I decided to go camping at the last minute. We went an hour and a half west of Chicago to a little town called Marseilles, IL at Illini State Park. It was a lot of fun and very interesting!

This was the weirdest cafe i've ever been in.. there was actually a smelly coffee bar with a bunch of older people chatting... strange, wish I had a photo of the inside.

Here sat our stalker. This guy followed us around the camp grounds, he asked if he could sleep on our site, kinda creepy! I wish he was sitting here at the time so you could see him. He said he was broke and homeless, but I do spot a seat and guitar!

Ok, this was so weird... it was a HUGE bardge thingy that carried a cancer causing chemical. It took up the entire Illinois River. It was so long I thought it was an aircraft carrier... ok so maybe i'm stretching it, but still -- i've never seen anything like it. I had to also post a picture of the worker checking the "cancer chemicals"...