My Elmo Kitty!

Took a picture of my kitty - he has 6 toes!


Camera Bag

I got a new Sony G6 digital camera last night! I was taking photos of everything I could! I decided the bag it came with was boring, so I spruced it up a little.

Inspiration Board!

I was feelin' froggy the other night and decided to create an inspiration board. Just things that I want to eventually do, designs that inspire me etc....


New Chicago "L" Advertising

The Chicago Transit Authority has launched a new type of advertising technology in the southbound Blue Line Dearborn subway tunnel between the Clark/Lake and Washington stations. Through the windows of the moving trains, customers will see a moving picture ad appear on the tunnel wall. This new advertising medium is expected to generate $100,000 annually in revenue for CTA. A series of images placed on the tunnel walls, make it seem as if you are watching a 15 second commercial.


Nook Designs

Here are some designs by nook designs Also check out the motion work.

Vertical Farming

It took humans 10,000 years to learn how to grow most of the crops we now take for granted. Along the way, we despoiled most of the land we worked, often turning verdant, natural ecozones into semi-arid deserts. Over 60% of the human population now lives vertically in cities. The time has arrived for us to learn how to grow our food that way, too. If we do not, then in just another 50 years, 3 billion people will surely go hungry, and the world will be a very unpleasant place in which to live.

If successfully implemented, they offer the promise of urban renewal, sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply (year-round crop production), and the eventual repair of ecosystems that have been sacrificed for horizontal farming. Students at Columbia college came up with vertical farming designs...


The loft cube!

This is the coolest thing ever. Get your portable home helicoptered to wherever you want. Maybe someday I'll have one!

Werner Aisslinger is the designer of this crazy home.

Shop Fervor!

Probably the biggest project i've ever worked on so far. ShopFervor is an online jewlery shop. Everything is handmade by Amy Zane. I redid the entire site and created the online shop with paypal. Her work is awesome.


So cute!

Just bought this wallet from poketo - It's so freakin' cute!

Cool things...

Urban Outfitters has always been one of my favorite stores for apartment stuff. Here are some things that I like...

Check out more at urbn


Pus in our milk... yum

Many dairies in the U.S. are still using injections of Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) to increase milk yields in cows. rBGH has been banned in Canada, the European Union, Japan, and Australia, due to concerns that it damages the health of the cows, and possibly those who drink the milk. What exactly are the health concerns? rBGH milk may contain excessive levels of a natural growth factor, IGF-1, that has been linked to higher incidence of breast and colon cancers in humans. Read more at treehugger.

I recently started learning more about factory farming. I think we should all be more aware of what goes on.

Life Through A Polaroid

I found this site a long time ago. It inspires me to take more photos. Benjamin the photographer has an amazing eye for color correction, form and light. His site life through a polaroid is also really well done.


First post ever. It's gorgeous in Chicago right now... there is NO place like Chicago in the summer. OK more posts today... peace out