Petite Spaces a Paris

After 2 months, 3 books that I ordered from amazon japan finally showed up. Damn it was worth the wait. These books are amazing. I only got through one because I was so overwhelmed by the ideas and design in small Paris apartments. Here are some highlights. Please excuse the poor shots, I was too lazy to scan them in. ;)

More photos of the book here.

Around my own apartment.

And I'll leave you with one of my roommate. I think he got annoyed with me taking so many photos.


At 11/23/2006 2:58 PM, Anonymous sabine Brandt said...

Looks like a beautiful book!

At 11/30/2006 3:16 PM, Anonymous Sacha de Moscou said...

It's ubeleivable, but a couple of minutes ago I said myself - I will look through Apartmenttherapy and then I will write my friend in Paris to ask he to buy me that very book!!!!!!

I have the ptrvious one http://lillibulle.typepad.com/boutique/2006/02/chambres_denfan_1.html
and they also has http://lillibulle.typepad.com/boutique/2006/02/chambres_denfan.html

Sacha de Moscou

At 12/04/2006 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have this book! I went to a bookstore in Japantown in SF and they had ALL of them. It was very difficult to decide which to get - Swedish kitchens, London studios, French small apartments. If you have a Japanese bookstore near you, you my be able to save some wait time.


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