Last weekends trip to Florida...

We (Vorrel & I) went to Florida last weekend to see some friends and I had a trade show to go to on Monday. The weather was a little chilly for Florida, but overall had a good time. Vorrel got sick from some food on Friday, so his trip to Florida was a little rough. :( Here are some photos of the weekend.

driving to the beach - you would only find a sign like this in Florida ---

This is our friend's parents house - their house was really cool and decorated in a boat/ocean type way, but different than most beachy houses. They lived right on the ocean and we saw dolphins and manatee right off the dock - now that's the retired life, I must say!

I went to Epcot and Disney with Gavin (1st time to Disney World). Epcot was really cool because of all the different countries they portray. I could have stayed in Japan for a LONG time.

See more photos from the trip here


At 4/05/2006 12:28 PM, Anonymous jen said...

man sorry it's taken me so long to comment on all yer STUFF and THINGS! had to get to a fast connection for this.

i LOVE the one of the arches at epcot. i was telling nat you can always tell a creative person's pictures from normal people's pictures from vacations and junk. cause there's always photos that make no sense to normal people. there's shots of like a sink or clouds or well you get my gist. I go to vegas and all i take are typography shots the WHOLE time. it's so goofy. i always wonder what the guys at wolf camera think when making some of my prints from vacations. like why did this person take a picture of a milk create by the subway in new jersey?

At 4/11/2006 1:17 AM, Anonymous Siri said...

Love the street sign! We need more of those.


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