How come...

I'm always a little depressed after Christmas is over? The site of a Christmas tree or lights is so sad right now... BUT I did have a great time in Michigan. Here are some photos of the time there.

My sisters friend Jen, got a little puppy -- sorry most of the pics are dogs, but I couldn't resist!

Here is my dad helping us make the Christmas morning casserole - he was cracking me up!

The Christmas table all set up and ready to go for the morning!

And here is my sister and her husband Huns - Huns wins the all time best wrapping job with electrical tape and 2 Styrofoam cups to wrap a scarf! As you can see she is about to pop! She was having contractions all weekend -- her little baby girl Sophia should be here any day now!

I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas, like a super nice Dremel from my mom and dad, that i'm so exicted to use. A really cool bottle and some wine glasses and wine. Oh and my sister got me the "I'm not a nugget" t-shirt! BUT the funniest gift of all was this, a pillow my sister found that looks an awful like my kitty THE Elmo -- she even pinned his ear down like Elmo's to make it look even more life like. haha

It was warmer in the 40's all weekend, but we did get a treat on Christmas morning, with a very light dusting of snow!

By the way, didn't realize my post earlier would spawn so much heat, I LOVE IT. I love politics --- never thought I would, but because of Bush and the "great job" he's doing, haha, it's really made me care.


At 12/30/2005 7:09 PM, Anonymous jen said...

DOG-A-PALOOZA! i love it. i also love how the stockings are set on your plate!


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