Live 8 in Philly!

This past weekend I got to go to Live 8. It was such a great experience. 2 million people turned out in Philly.

"This is without doubt a moment in history where ordinary people can grasp the chance to achieve something truly monumental and demand from the 8 world leaders at G8 an end to poverty.

The G8 leaders have it within their power to alter history. They will only have the will to do so if tens of thousands of people show them that enough is enough.

By doubling aid, fully cancelling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children."

Here are some photos...


At 7/18/2005 12:16 PM, Anonymous Chrissy Beth said...

Hi you!

Wow, that's so great you could go to that concert! I bet it was pretty amazing...Great pictures! I love your blog!


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